FRAUENTHAL Trade: a strong competitor on the wholesale market

Austria's No. 1 wholesaler of plumbing, heating and sanitary engineering. The division Frauenthal Trade comprises Austrian plumbing supplies wholesalers SHT Haustechnik GmbH and Frauenthal Handel GmbH (formerly ÖAG AG), pipeline system and civil engineering specialist Kontinentale and service company Frauenthal Service. All four operate as independent brands.


  • SHT is the market and service leader in the wholesale plumbing supplies sector, and stands out for its innovative logistics and customer service solutions. The company also adopts a highly creative approach to advisory services at its bathroom showrooms.


  • The Austrian tradition brand ÖAG has existed for 140 years and focuses on its energy competence. The wholesaler maintains an excellent distribution network and is the number 2 in the domestic sanitary trade market. 



  • The civil engineering specialist Kontinentale is Austrian market leader and offers a wide range of products for municipal infrastructure (gas, water, sewer, etc.) as well as for large industrial plants. 


  • Frauenthal Service acts as a service provider for the independent brands SHT, ÖAG and Kontinentale. The service portfolio is broad, ranging from logistics, IT, continuous improvement and personnel to product management. 
  • was founded at the beginning of 2020. With a strong core assortment, a mature logistics and over 80 pick-up stations. offers a service for all trades of building services.


Multi-brand strategy

Frauenthal Trade has implemented a multi-brand strategy in order to underpin the long-term market positions of the successful SHT, ÖAG and Kontinentale brands. Clear positioning with an emphasis on the strengths and USP of each brand forms the basis of our approach. Market and innovation leader SHT offers highly innovative advisory services at its bathroom showrooms, while ÖAG places a particular focus on its energy-related expertise. Kontinentale serves commercial and industrial companies, municipal water suppliers and wastewater treatment companies, as well as manufacturers of industrial pipelines. Its diverse portfolio adds depth to Frauenthal Trade’s customer structure. Enhancing the service portfolio and service quality is a vital consideration throughout the Division. As the biggest logistics industry in Austria and the third largest in the German-speaking countries Frauenthal Service provides a perfect performance for the trading companies of the division.