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New CEO of
Frauenthal Automotive

Tomas Dollander

Frauenthal Automotive is happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Tomas Dollander as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). With an extensive background in the automotive industry and a proven track record of leadership and innovation, Mr. Dollander is set to lead the company into a new era of growth and success.

Tomas Dollander brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership in the Automotive industry, previously working at companies such as Johnson Controls, WABCO and ZF Group. His strategic vision and dedication to our core values make him an excellent fit for our organization.

In his inaugural message as CEO, Tomas Dollander shared his vision for Frauenthal Automotive, stating, "I have worked for many large international companies, as well as some smaller ones, and have found that the history and culture of the company will be a good indicator of how it will manage changes and growth.

In learning about the history of Gnotec & Airtank and what has been achieved to-date, I feel it is a great company to take on the challenges for the road ahead. Its people have long experience and have adapted to many changes, without losing the culture and sense of priorities to keep Frauenthal Automotive as a leader in its field. With that in mind, I strongly believe that the company can take on further challenges and growth by leveraging its experience and know-how to expand, both within the existing product mix and customer base, but also in new product areas and with new customers around the globe."

Over the years, Tomas Dollander has held key leadership roles in various automotive companies, overseeing strategic development, operations, and customer relations. His passion for driving organizational growth while promoting sustainability aligns perfectly with Frauenthal Automotive's beliefs.

Frauenthal Automotive is excited to embark on a new chapter under Tomas Dollander's leadership. The company's commitment to providing innovative solutions to its customers, promoting sustainability within the industry, and nurturing a dynamic work environment for employees remains steadfast.

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