Company / Strategy

Frauenthal Automotive is market leader in the production of chassis components for the European truck industry and has 14 production sites in nine European countries and China.



Frauenthal Automotive produces:

  • springs
  • stabilisers
  • u-bolts
  • steel air tanks, as well as a specialist for air tanks for braking systems made of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Pressed and welded components

In addition to the many years of know-how and a customer and supplier relationship based on committed partnerships to customers and suppliers, the formidable development and innovation standards is based on FA's ongoing commitment to customers and quality and lived continuous improvement culture of the Frauenthal Automotive Team.


Frauenthal Automotive's strategy is built on four pillars:

  •  Launching innovative products in the market;
  •  Cooperating closely with customers;
  •  Production network in various countries;
  •  Continuous improvement and process-oriented leadership.

Launching innovative products in the market in close cooperations with our customers

Our product development skills come from a strong technological base, built up over many years, and centres of expertise (for springs, stabilisers and air reservoirs) at selected sites which are in constant contact with the production operations. Close cooperation with clients' development departments and suppliers is equally important to us. This approach enables the Frauenthal Automotive Division to keep product development in line with manufacturing practice and customers’ real needs. Our central development goals are to cut the weight of suspension components whilst extending service life, to simplify our products and to provide complete solutions for suspension components.

Added value through of a variety of production and service networks

Our Frauenthal Automotive Division is ideally placed to meet the needs of European original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) because it has both a broad product portfolio and an extensive network of plants in Western, Central and Eastern Europe. Another key success driver is absolute reliability in terms of prompt delivery and product quality. The production network underpins our flexibility in meeting customer requirements and our ability to maintain security of supply.


Continuous improvement

Instilling an understanding for continuous improvement in the minds of employees and managers is an essential aspect of Frauenthal Automotive’s corporate culture. Our intention is clear: we want to enhance customer satisfaction, avoid anything that might be superfluous in the value added chain and improve the material flow, daily work, quality, timeliness of delivery and cost structure. Continuous improvement relies on many small steps. Our motto is “nothing is ever so good that it cannot be improved” and we ask ourselves the essential question every day: “What I can do better today than yesterday?” Lean is a mindset for our organisation and not just a mere cost reduction programme. The philosophy is geared towards people and their motivation, towards training and developing skills. We use the knowledge of each and everyone – all employees are experts at their respective workplace and their attitude is what counts: we coach, support and motivate our employees to participate in our improvement process. They rack their brains to improve things by adhering to the guiding principle: “work smarter not harder”. Everyone is invited to identify any “wastes” and/or possibilities to improve in their own environment. The total sum of all these small steps enhances customer satisfaction, but also the employees’ satisfaction at the workplace.

Human resources – a key success factor

Frauenthal Automotive is constantly evolving to equip itself for new challenges. Our people are central to this, and are the key to our success. A wide range of human resources (HR) initiatives, such as a leadership programme, opportunities for high potentials and a job rotation scheme ensure that our people keep on growing and developing – and our core competencies with them.

Close communication between employees and sites is a high priority for the entire group. We are moving away from rigid hierarchical thinking at island sites towards project based thinking and action, across an integrated organisation.

We live our company values

 In the Frauenthal Automotive family, all our actions and decisions are informed by our four core values. As an international business with representations in six European countries, we have set up a broad-based process to identify the values we already live by. We invited 34 employees from different countries and different departments to find a clear answer to the question "What do we stand for?". It was important to us to involve all cultures and identify the corporate values we share.

 Make your own impression of how we have identified our corporate values and develop themes in a collaborative process.