Frauenthal Automotive: premium quality for demanding customers

Frauenthal Automotive is a market leader in each of its product segments and supplies the majority of Europe’s commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as selected passenger vehicle producers. The company is also active in the non-automotive sector - a segment with great potential. Thereby, industrial clients in different areas are supplied with high-quality - predominantly steel components. 

The division has three product groups:

Premium supplier and development partner

Thanks to its market and technology leadership, a broad product range, due to innovative capabilities and a consistent costumer and quality orientation, Frauenthal Automotive is an irreplaceable development partner for its demanding customers. Commodities‘ premium supplier is committed to a close, long-term collaboration with a strong focus on R&D and continuous improvement. At the same time, sustainable promotion and development of employees as well as managers has the highest priority. A key success factor is the differentiated production network with plants in Eastern and Western Europe as well as in China, which guarantees supply security, cost optimization and flexibility. Core elements of the growth strategy in all business units are

  • diversification of the customer base
  • development of new business potential through new products as well as
  • promotion of the aftermarket business.