Company / strategy

Frauenthal Automotive is the leading chassis component producer for the European truck market. 


The division is a premium supplier and development partner to automotive OEMs, with a total of eight production sites located in five different European countries and in China.

  • U-bolts

  • Steel airtanks and aluminium and special steel airtanks for braking systems. 

  • Pressed and welded components

Frauenthal Automotive is an indispensable partner to the truck industry thanks to the division’s market and technology leadership, its comprehensive product portfolio, ability to innovate, and clear commitment to quality and its customers. A network of specialised production sites creates added value and underpins supply security, low costs and flexibility. Frauenthal Automotive’s premium products and services generate exceptional benefits for its customers, with whom it nurtures lasting partnerships.  

Long-term staff development and management training are a key priority, and an essential element of the division’s  strategic goal of being a preferred employer.

The division’s strategy is based on five pillars:    

  • A comprehensive product portfolio

  • Superior product and service quality, and reliable delivery

  • Development partnerships and close cooperation with its customers 

  • Research and development, the ability to innovate and continuous improvement

  • Specialised production networks covering various countries  

An expert development partner – driven by the ability to innovate

 Frauenthal Automotive’s cutting-edge research and development expertise puts the division in the ideal position to create new products, enter into development partnerships with customers and improve quality on a continuous basis. As technology leader, the company draws on a wealth of expertise contributed by the highly-qualified employees working at its state-of-the-art research facilities. All products are subjected to rigorous in-house testing using the very latest measurement technology. High quality is vital, particularly when it comes to road safety for our customers, and we are certified according to the latest ISO, TÜV and OHSAS standards.

Frauenthal Automotive’s innovation strategy is aimed at enhancing product and process performance, adding new, high-performance components to our product range, and matching our service portfolio as closely as possible with customer needs. At the same time, the division strives to minimise overall vehicle operating costs and increase efficiency in terms of cargo capacity and fuel consumption.


Continuous improvement

Establishing a firm understanding among employees and management of what continuous improvement involves is a defining aspect of Frauenthal Automotive’s corporate culture. It is a question of

  • increasing customer satisfaction 
  • streamlining the value chain, and 
  • improving material flows, our day-to-day work, quality, delivery reliability and our cost structure.

Company values

 Everyone working at Frauenthal Automotive acts in full accordance with the four core values in place at the group: showing respect for individuals, creating value added for customers, pulling together in the same direction and working to achieve continuous improvement. The company values outline how employees are expected to work with each other and with external partners. A uniform corporate culture plays a key role in the success of the company, which has a strong presence in six European countries and China.

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