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Frauenthal shares have been traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 10 June 1991.

From July 23, 2007, Frauenthal shares were listed in the Prime Market segment. Due to changes in the basis for calculating free float factors for Austrian indices on the Vienna Stock Exchange, Frauenthal shares have been listed in the Standard Market Auction segment since May 4, 2015. Frauenthal Holding AG has share capital of EUR 9,434,990, divided into a total of 7,534,990 no-par value bearer shares and 1,900,000 unlisted registered shares. Each share participates in the share capital to the same extent.


Voting rights: 9,434,990 inc. 1,900,000 unlisted registered shares

The principal shareholder in Frauenthal Holding is still FT Holding GmbH and Ventana Holding GmbH, which owns a 62.78% interest. Own shares held by Frauenthal Holding AG represent 8.30 % of the share capital, in line with the voting rights, while the remaining 28,92 % is in free float.

  • Shares: 9.434.990
  • Share capital: EUR 9.434.990
  • Shareholders: FT Holding GmbH and Ventana Holding GmbH 62,78% / Frauenthal Holding AG 8,30% / free float 28,92 %
  • Listing: Wiener Börse, standard market auction
  • Secutities code: FKA
  • ISIN: AT0000762406
Share price


Frauenthal Holding AG's share price is presented for information purposes only. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a financial instrument. The Company accepts no liability for errors, delays and/or interruptions in updating the market prices presented here.

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