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Sustainability is a central aspect in the Frauenthal Group.

This applies both to responsibility towards society and the environment, and to the economic sphere. The Frauenthal Group pursues responsible corporate governance geared to long-term value creation. The CSR strategy covers the areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

Sustainability is the guiding principle in all these dimensions: It starts with long-term value creation and extends to product development and offering based on environmental aspects, efficient and resource-conserving production, respectful relationships with employees and customers, and social initiatives for society.

Resource conservation in production and products

The entire Group aims to save resources or use them sparingly. Efficient production results in both ecological and economic improvements. At Frauenthal Automotive this means, among other things, lower energy consumption and a reduction in scrap. Environmental aspects play a key role in product development: Frauenthal Automotive is a pioneer in the development of components with reduced weight and extended service life. In this way, the company is making a valuable contribution to more environmentally friendly commercial vehicles and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

In the Frauenthal Trade division, the group is pushing products based on renewable technologies such as photovoltaics, heat pumps and solar thermal systems. In parallel, the company offers products that help save water. The careful use of resources is also promoted internally. All these activities, such as photovoltaic systems on group sites, ecological printing of sales catalogs or energy-saving programs, are combined under the "Frauenthal eco" initiative.

Highlights 2020:



  • Focus on economical printing / heating / air conditioning
  • Organize business trips ecologically - hold meetings virtually if possible
  • Encourage health promotion for employees through sports courses
  • Investment in People: 34 hours for education and development
  • 5 objects converted to LED lighting
  • 2 objects changed over to district heating
  • 23 new trucks incl. turn assistant for city traffic
  • 3 objects renovated (facade/roof/windows)
  • PV system at two locations, replacement of 5 cars with e-mobility vehicles
  • Skilled workers offensive: introduction of an employee app, kick-off events
  • COVID-19 management: prevention concept, focus on tele-work within a few days
  • Investment in People: 7,119 hours for training and further education


  • Elimination of uneconomical, energy and material intensive processes- chamber phosphating and steel blasting.
  • In FHU ready use of sustainable energy to 100%
  • New transformer to save up to 2% energy
  • Halving of water consumption due to adaptations in the production process
  • Further adaptation of LED lighting
  • Investment in People: 2,421 hours for education and development


  • Use of a new environmentally friendly central heating system from pellets
  • Use of environmentally friendly trucks and cars
  • More sustainable production processes
  • Investment in people: 1,709 hours for training and further education
  • Significant reduction of water consumption - Adaptation of water control for cooling towers
  • Electricity consumption from 100% renewable energy sources
  • Upgrading of internal transport facilities
  • Delivery of raw materials primarily by rail transport
  • Extended health promotion for employees
  • Investment in People: 2,333 hours for education and training

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