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Sustainability is a central aspect in the Frauenthal Group.

This applies both to responsibility towards society and the environment, and to the economic sphere. The Frauenthal Group pursues responsible corporate governance geared to long-term value creation. The CSR strategy covers the areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

Sustainability and responsible action are firmly anchored in the Frauenthal Group's corporate strategy.

The Frauenthal Group's two divisions, Frauenthal Handel and Frauenthal Automotive, each have sustainability management systems in place:

In the Frauenthal Trade division, the Infrastructure department is responsible for sustainability issues, and the HR department is responsible for HR issues for the subgroup. For example, a number of energy-saving measures are implemented on an ongoing basis. The Frauenthal Automotive division's sustainability management is decentralized in line with its structure. Thus, the sites pursue different sustainability projects and targets independently of each other and based on local conditions and laws. These can be found in the report. Frauenthal Holding AG acts as a strategy and direction provider, and the globally applicable Code of Conduct, which covers topics including the environment, employees, human rights, social responsibility and corruption, has been developed. In all its activities, the Frauenthal Group pursues a strategy geared to sustainable growth.

Environmental orientation and resource conservation are important objectives, both for reasons of business strategy and because of the values held by the Frauenthal Group's management and employees. In both divisions, there are numerous opportunities to promote technologies that protect the environment and conserve resources.

Examples in the Automotive Division include the use of water-soluble paint, investment in energy-saving production processes, and the reduction of material usage through improved product design.

Another example in the Frauenthal Distribution Division is the expansion of our consulting centers for heating systems. Optimum advice is provided to help customers decide on the most energy-efficient heating systems. The promotion of products in the sanitary sector that reduce energy and water consumption is also a contribution to environmental awareness.

As a listed company, Frauenthal is highly transparent to internal and external stakeholders. The trust of our employees and that of our customers, suppliers, business partners and shareholders also depends on the perceived future orientation of our actions.

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